The evolutionary happening of the spirit through the individuality of each Being is transcendental to any process, religion or practice.
The lineages, religions, processes, concepts, philosophies, are the extension of our ancestor’s understandings regarding the art of learning how life should be lived. At the core of all these traditions and lineages rests the convergence of the supreme information, the everlasting truth.
If any of these processes, means, practices help us reach the nature of our intimate feeling of love, it is a magical and valuable treasure. Nevertheless, most of the time they end up being conceptual cages and structures of division, judgment and not ones for integration.
How would we dare to define and encase the ultimate reality out of our rational symbols?
The intimate connection of each individual with the spirit is unique and unrepeatable. It is from this connection that we manage to live from the love that does not demand, from the sublime enjoyment of each moment with its unique happening and from the silence that embraces all creation .
This never ending exploration is what leads us to nourish ourselves from the ancestral processes, guiding us and opening the door to realization.
In this case, the tools that have inspired and offered a platform from which to investigate are Yoga, the indigenous ancestral wisdom of South America and Western’s legacy of rational and art development.
We honor all these tools, putting each one of them in the appropriate place within the individual transcendental experience of the Being, integrating them out of the respectful mystery that welcomes and transcends us.

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