Every moment that happens, every vital breath that life allows us is an opportunity for transformation. We can keep changing socioeconomic powers, but if the transformation does not happen at the core of our individuality, our thinking, it will continue to happen over and over again what has happened for the last 20 centuries or more; Collective disharmony. 
When we practice we are constantly reviewing and in some way rebelling against the habits, burdens and structures of thought that have biased and enslaved us in an egoism full of judgments, comparisons, vanities, insatiable desires that blind us to empathy and to the recognition of how in each living being vibrates the same energy and pulse of life that is in us and how is in the care and respect of existence that lies our true plenitude and satisfaction. 
The commitment to inner transformation requires a lot of courage and dedication, it is there where the seed of a real change will truly be sown and that can be nurtured and potentiated by future generations from the example and inspiration that we leave them. 
Deeply review your beliefs, your habits, your patterns, if you still live biased towards a race or color, or still think that your religion or ideology is the absolute truth, there you are already committing violence. If you cannot live in simplicity and you need to over-accumulate and satisfy your desires above others, there is violence there. If you do not inhabit your silence, your intimacy and recognize peace and inner freedom that do not depend on anyone or anything, you will continue to be a slave to other people’s ideologies and ideas that prevent you from living reality from the disinterested love that only gives, that does not demand, and from the humility that allows the astonishment of a crystalline perception without judgments. This is the true constant practice and the true change.

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