Yoga method and practice is not the property of anyone. It emanates from the deepest possibility of human consciousness as a tool to manifest the full potential of the existence experience.
All this names of the modern yoga are mostly related with a sequence of postures, but the process itself of yoga it’s been already exposed and transmitted from long time ago.
Yoga is not a sequence of postures, which is just a tiny part of the process itself, yet when practiced with the proper disposition and attention it is a powerful spiritual upliftment.
Don´t be limited by the wrong understanding that a sequence of postures is the Yoga you are practicing, use any sequence you need and link with the ancestral method that is always available in the intimacy of your silence, be inspired by the teachers that are living a true life of honesty, freedom and love but always resorts on the capacity of you inner inquiry and move beyond the limitations of the misuse of the mind.
The evolutionary happening of the spirit through the individuality of each Being is transcendental to any process, religion or practice.

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